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This business oozes so much cash.




Bob says: “The secret to this amazing business is simple - work highly productive, short hours. Make your money - £60,000 to £100,000 per year – then switch the computer off and have a life.

That’s what this business is all about. And that’s why I’ve stayed in the professional transaction business for all these years.


The fact is there’s a river of money flowing around the world 24/7. A totally recession free business, available any time of day. Bob’s proven system and unprecedented back up is now available to anyone who wants a slice of this amazing business.

He explains: “I now make three times the money I used to make in a quarter of the time. There’s no selling, no customers and no aggravation. Working just a few hours a day, it’s the ultimate ‘cash cow’ business.”

Bob insists that if you’re determined to make money then it’s just common sense to go directly to the never ending river of money flowing around the world. Accessed via computer, it’s amazing what modern technology gives us access to today.

That’s what the professional transaction business does - it connects you directly to the world’s money flow, cutting out the middle men, customers and products. It plugs you straight into the money.

But it’s not just about the money. It’s also about the excellent lifestyle it creates. Having the time to enjoy yourself, as well as plenty of money, is vital to a happy life. After all, it’s what we’re all working for, isn’t it?

Sound too good to be true? Bob’s free DVD information pack proves it. He has produced a free DVD called ‘£60K to £100K per year in the ultimate cash cow business’.

Bob says: “You’ll also see Paul on the DVD, one of my trainees, who’s just exceeded £100K per year income. I’m very proud of that fact and it just goes to show what personal one to one training and close ongoing support and care can do for you. It’s the secret to my outstanding success in training people.”


Bob is one of those rare people who doesn’t hide behind websites. He makes himself completely and personally available one to one at his home in Devon and directly available via the telephone.

Bob says: “I know websites are very popular these days, but they simply do not produce the kind of results I demand for my people. The old fashion way, of working directly with another human being, with constant ongoing personal care is still the only certain way to get results. Don’t risk your future on anything less.”

Because of Bob’s insistence on only working with a small handful of carefully chosen people a year, he can give you the ongoing support and care he insists on giving.

As you can imagine, the availability of Bob’s training is limited, so call today to avoid disappointment.

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