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Russia Offers US help with COVID-19 Vaccine: US Declines

by Williams Castro

According to a CNN report, Moscow officials recently put on the table "unprecedented cooperation" with US’s Operation Warp Speed (OWS) whose task is accelerate the development of an effective and safe COVID-19 vaccine.

However, the "US is not currently open" any Russian cooperation, said the same sources.

According a top Russian official who spoke to the CNN,

“there is a general sense of mistrust of Russia on the American side and we believe that technologies -- including vaccine, testing and treatments -- are not being adopted in US because of that mistrust.”

Earlier this week, Tuesday morning, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia would be the first state in the world to approve and register a vaccine against COVID-19.

Putin also noted that his own daughter had taken the vaccine.

This announcement had certainly made the news and also stirred a lot of controversy and met with scepticism, mainly because it has not completed Phase III trials of any vaccine.

During Phase III of vaccine trials, considerably large numbers of volunteers are given doses of the vaccine and placebos.

This phase is important because it helps determine its effectiveness and safety before distributing it to the general population.

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