The reason why Russia lost the war against Turkey in Karabakh. | Dispatch Word

The reason why Russia lost the war against Turkey in Karabakh.

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Several Turkish companies, Active in the defense sector through their cutting-edge military products.

Especially Bayraktar and TAI which produce world-class unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), sources locally. The Akinci unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and Turkeys bay tb3, will use engines designed and manufactured by the engine manufacturing subsidiary, Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI). Selcuk Bayraktar chief technology officer, said on Thursday
The new engine, Manufactured by TUSAS Engine Industries (TEI), has the highest performance figures in its class globally.
Bayraktar Shared a video of the machine testing stage from month. He stressed thet was not a prototype but a mas production machine. In October, Canada announced that it had suspended arms export permits to Turkey, over allegations that used Candian technology in the military confict between Armenia and Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh. In response to Canadas decision, Turkeys Defense Industry announced that it would continue production, regardless of the embargo decision. The Cameras General Aperture Targeting System, Which will be mounted on the armed Uav, will be mass produced. Canadian engine manufacturers have also stated that they have suspended sales of aircraft engines to Turkey.

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